Nutritional advice has never been so complicated! We provide easy to understand knowledge and advice to help delegates with realistic food plans. A crucial part in this is to start tackling eating

Sleep well

Never have we ever been so sleep deprived as a nation. Our sleep sessions provide the key teachings and tools to get a good night’s sleep


Our sessions help delegates to move the dial on their mental wellbeing, addressing issues such as resilience, mindfulness & burnout. They are designed to increase understanding and provide practical self-care techniques.


Focusing on how the body feels using techniques such as movement, yoga, breathwork and massage which are all fundamental to improving physical wellbeing.


Move the dial on your wellbeing!

Move the dial on your wellbeing with live and transformative webinars, resources and one to one support at a fraction of the cost with all the quality and none of the scheduling.

My Halsa is a bespoke wellbeing support package which will allow you, your team or your organisation to focus on key areas of wellbeing and self-care without having to worry about fixed appointments and limited time. You can access the support as and when you need it.

Learn how to move the dial on your wellbeing with live and transformative webinars, resources and one to one support.

Our Packages

Unlock your wellbeing potential with the following monthly packages to suit you …


inc. VAT

üShort bite sized videos

üEasy to digest podcasts

üQuick an easy worksheet

üContent and slides

üNew content added every quarter


üCancel anytime


inc. VAT

üWeekly Live webinars

üOver 4 hours of training per month

üIndividual Coaching credits

üConnection and live dialogue

üCovering all 4 corners of Wellbeing
Eat well, Sleep well, Think Well, Feel Well

üNew Content released every quarter

üContent covering key calendar dates

üPre-scheduled timetables


inc. VAT

üMonthly Bespoke coaching programme e.g. Menopause Coaching

üWeekly Habits Transformation Coaching Group

üCoaching Credits

üBronze Package included

üSilver Package included

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